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Nintex RPA: Customize Look of Document Templates on the Fly

Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee
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The Problem

I recently had a customer ask how they could theme document templates based on certain criteria in a workflow without having to maintain multiple templates. As you can probably imagine, having to update multiple templates when content changes could present a variety of issues.


The Solution

Using Nintex Workflow Cloud to start from, I setup a botflow in Nintex RPA to tweak the looks of the main template for each run of the workflow. Watch this quick video here:



The botflow takes advantage of Word's built in "Theme" functionality. The botflow simply opens the Word document, adjusts the Theme based on the input variable from the workflow, and saves it. Then the workflow continues on to generate the document with the new theme.


In my example I kept it simple with an input form, but of course that "Theme" could be determined using any matter of methods. The important part is setting the botflow's Input variable to match what is expected in the List lookups.


Short & sweet today. Let me know if you've got any questions on this!



- John