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New! Easier way to add a signature capture

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Applies to: Nintex Forms for Office 365, Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2010, 2013, and 2016

As a forms designer, you can add a signature control into a form for a signature capture that is delivered to Nintex Mobile app using the Multi Line Text Box control and custom JavaScript. The person filling out the form can write their signature as proof of a transaction when the signature capture is active in the app.

Note: The signature control is available for Nintex Mobile only.

To add a signature capture

  1. Prepare the signature catpure layout as follows:
    From the Forms Controls toolbox, drag and drop the Multi Line Textbox control onto the layout.
    Double-click the control. The control settings dialog box appears.
    For Name, enter Signature.
    Save your changes.
  2. Copy the script in the attached file to the clipboard.
  3. From the Nintex Forms tab, click Settings on the ribbon.
  4. Expand the Custom JavaScript section in the Settings dialog box.
  5. Paste the signature capture script into the provided space.
  6. Close the Settings dialog box and reopen it. The script is saved.
    Save and publish the form.

The information in this blog corresponds with the steps described here:  Sign my name across your heart

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Does this work with SP2010?

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Hi Nick

Signature capture control is now available in 2010 and 2016.



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Hi Leslie,

Is this javascript code Opensource?  Can I freely use on my project?  Thanks!


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Hi Brendon,

I've reached out to our development team for guidance. 

I should hear back soon.

Best regards,


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Hi Nick,

The Signature capture feature is now available on 2010 (and 2016). I've updated the article to reflect this change.



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Hi Leslie, Is it possible that Nintex Build an eSignature button based on User ID directly integrated into nintex forms?

I have seen the docusign and adobe sign integration in workflow and am currently using the solution above which only works on nintex mobile.

I think Nintex could integrate the eSignature more elegantly into the next update. 

Most Business Forms require signatures and user adoption is slow without signatures.

Docusign is generally too expensive for internal documents.

Thanks Brendan

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Hi Brendan,

Thanks for your comment. You can to use the code in Open Source with the caveat that we do not support custom changes. You should refer to Dan Stoll's blog mentioned above for guidance.


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any updates on adding this to the "responsive" form....

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Hi Steven,
Custom javascript is disabled in responsive forms by design. For more details, read blog: What's New: Responsive Forms Designer

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Is there anyway for this script to work over 2 signatures in the one document? I can get 1 to to work, but I need 2 separate signatures for this particular form?

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Hi Sarah,

I checked this request with our teams. The signature capture script is designed for 1 signature only at this time. 2 signatures may be included in a future release.



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Just to clarify - once the form has been submitted via nintex mobile with the signature in the actual SharePoint list where the submitted form will live the actual signature is no longer view-able? even in a standard nintex form with the associated control and Javascript? as all I can see is a dump of specialized characters in place of where the siganture should be...

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Hi Martin,

To clarify, the signature capture is a base64 string and not a file type. This is something the development team is working on to improve Signature Capture for Universal Forms.

Warm regards,

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Hi Leslie Threlkeld! Is there any update on how to make signature viewable in the SharePoint list (or anywhere else) once its captured using Nintex mobile? From business process point of view this wastly deminishes the applicability of solution, as one can not verify the signature later.

(I've also tried various suggestions here using java script etc. but was not able to get signature displayed in our on-prem SP2013).

Appreciate any input!