Wizards and the Web Designer

  • 6 August 2008
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I believe the answer is no, but is it possible to use custom wizards within the Web Designer? I created a wizard in Visual Studio following the tech article, "Developing a Custom K2 Wizard" (that works perfectly) ... and I was hoping it could be used in the Web Designer.



2 replies

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The wizards in the article you are referring to are a fundementally different technology than the web designer.  The custom wizards use WPF for the UI whereas the wizards for the web designer use HTML/AJAX.  The custom wizard in the article should work in both Visual Studio and Visio.

While I suspect it is possible to create wizards for the web designer, I haven't seen anything published that tells how to do it.  A good understanding of AJAX is probably needed.

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Ah, yeah, that logically makes sense.  I hope they someday release some documentation on how to add to the web designer ... its much easier for our users to use than Visio.