Text Box Condition not populating Radio Button List

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I'm trying to populate Radio Button List Items with a Hidden Text box that gets populated on the Get List By ID and it's not working.


This is also happening on just regular Radio Button List Controls that are being populated by a Yes/No SP Column.


Any suggestions.


Example for my text box: 

If the value is OPS Injury - the Hidden Radio Button List for that 'Section' should appear, get populated and check the Check Box as True.

None of this is working.


I'm attaching an image.


This is an extremely high priority deadline project so I would love to get some thoughts.


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Hi Angela,


I believe you will need to transfer the value to the radio button list in order to select an element.


for example, I have a radio button list with the following options:





If I want to select 'Yes' using actions, I have to transfer the value of Yes not the display value :




Let me know if you have any questions.


Hope that helps


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Mustafa -  these are static values not SmartObject Values.  There are over 10   if then else statements depending on the value in the 1 text box.


I have already attempted to do a transfer rule and that did not seem to work but will be trying again this morning.   I have been able to populate the radio control if there is a SP Column associated with that control but this particular situation there is 1 SP Column that could potentially populate 5 different Radio Button Lists with a different value.  I'd prefer not having to create new SP Lists Columns for each of these different options since they really are associated with the 1 answer.


Please check my screenshot from the original post.



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Do NOT ask me why or how - but now the Transfer Rules to populate the Radio Controls are now working.


This is extremely frustrating - I know my coworker and I are both experiencing issues where rules won't work but then we will go delete them / recreate them or wait 30 minutes and then they work.



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Hi Angela,


I am glad this issue has been resolved. 


If you experience this again try to run the following URL: