Add user to AD group - Quick check if user is already part of group

  • 11 February 2019
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i want to add a user to an AD group. The workflow is not erroring out even though the user is present in the group (error the workflow if the user is already exists in the group is checked). Is there a way to perform a quick validation (true/false) to check if user is part of the AD group

1 reply

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Yes, this can be performed with an LDAP query action.  Use the query as (SamaccountName={ItemProperty:Title}) and the Property to retrieve is MemberOf.  (Where Title = AD Account)

In the example attached you will get a response in the form of a collection to show all the groups that a person is part off.   You will have to loop through the collection to check and see if the group is one you are looking for.


This same query can also be used to see who is the owner by looking for ManagedObjects property.  This will return a collection of all the groups that the Title is the owner of.


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