Important update regarding K2's integration with DocuSign

  • 30 June 2022
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DocuSign has announced a change for authentication techniques by deprecating legacy authentication and OAuth 1.0 protocols. Since August 2021, any new API applications integrating with DocuSign must use the OAuth 2.0 authentication flow. By October 4, 2022, all existing DocuSign customers and partners integrating with DocuSign must be updated to use OAuth 2.0, including applications already in production. For more information on the changes, see DocuSign’s blog at

How will this change affect me?

We are currently working on Fix Packs for supported K2 Five, K2 Cloud, and K2 blackpearl versions to update our integration to the OAuth 2.0 standard. If you use the DocuSign feature or Service Broker to integrate with DocuSign’s APIs, you will need to apply the related Fix Pack once it is available. For K2 Cloud customers, your environment will be updated with the fix automatically.

If you use the K2 Integrator Key, you will need to configure your own personal Integrator Key for enhanced security. The steps are documented in the relevant K2 user guide for your version, and the DocuSign Go-Live steps are at We will provide more guidance as the Fix Packs are available.

Currently Available Fix Packs

As we release fix packs with the DocuSign OAuth feature, we will list them below:

In addition, the recent release of K2 Five (5.6) includes the DocuSign changes. We always recommend upgrading to a current version, especially if you are on a version outside of standard support. For example, we are not releasing fix packs for versions 5.0-5.2 as they have reached end of life status. 

Please contact your account manager with any questions or concerns about this upcoming change.

Thank you,

Your Nintex Product Team

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