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Get Attachements From Document Library workflow &q...

Good Day All, I have built a workflow to push me backed up into a corner, We are using Nintex 2016 Enterprise On-Prem. We have created a Docu...

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Nintex Workflow Web Part Report Configuration (Err...

Good Day All, Need some help, I am struggling to get the Nintex Reporting Web part > Errors Workflows to provide me with any type of graph ...

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Read Repeating Section in Workflow

I have a form that is using the form control "Repeating Section" I am trying to find a way to read this information in a workflow. I would lik...

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Electronic Signatures : 3rd Party apps / Or Does n...

Good Day All, We are in the process in moving our Policies and procedures to SharePoint, We will be using Nintex workflows for the approval pr...

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Nintex form format rules not working all of a sudd...

Hi All, Really have a weird issues here, I created this form in the last 6 months. Once everything was working as I needed to it to, We went ...

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After installing .NET security patches to address ...

I came across this issue on a few environments lately where ALL workflows in a farm on premise stopped working. Or more specifically, all workflo...

  • By andrewg
  • September 19, 2018  10:55
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Missing list column in Nintex Form

I have a list, it has 5 content types inheriting from a base content type. In designing a form for the first content type there is a person an...

  • By nurdena
  • February 06, 2018  03:17
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Print friendly Nintex Forms

Without having Nintex Forms Enterprise and the handy "Print to PDF" functionality, we often spend a lot of time on workarounds for this. My good...

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How do I capture the Workflow Task ID

I have an assign flexi task within a workflow. I would like to capture the Workflow Task ID to use in the flexi task reminder email but I am una...

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How do I fields based on a value in another field

For a form using the below example if a user selects "football" then I would like fields 2 and 3 display (fields 4 and 5 would be hidden). If vo...

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