Nintex RPA - Excel data to website

  • 24 April 2024
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Nintex RPA - How do I extract data from excel and enter that data in a website?  The spreadsheet has one column.  I need to move from row to row until all the numbers have been used. 
Once the number is in the data field on the website, I then need to run a process and go back to excel and get the number out of the next row. 
 have been trying to use ‘get worksheet’ and ‘copy from excel’, but I don’t think I am on the right track.

3 replies

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@CherylH recommend going thru the Nintex University RPA courses such as below to get familiar with support for Excel and other capabilities. 


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Thank you Sasan.  I guess I didn’t know how to ‘search’ for help with Excel.  I am looking into this to see if it can help me with my questions.

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These courses were great!  Thanks for sharing this information.  I found there were issues with me working remotely → in the office that resulted in issues with my RPAs.  I really appreciate the response!