Hide group if current user display name not contained in field

  • 24 April 2024
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I’m using the New Responsive Form Designer for 365 on a Sharepoint Online list. I have a group on the form that should only be visible if the current user is present in a pre-filled people picker field. These are basically the admins. The people picker field will have more than one user listed. 

I have a temporary label, for testing, that displays the current user display name and it matches perfectly the way the name is presented in the people picker field. I cannot get the hidden group to display however.

This seems like it should be pretty straight forward, but I’m not having any luck. What am I doing wrong? 


4 replies

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Anyone able to assist with this? Since there are no errors, I’m unable to obtain customer support directly. They’ll say this is a configuration issue, not a break/fix one. 

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Hi @GoIllini,

If you add an ELSE to say Hidden Test, Visible, No.  Does that resolve the issue?

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unfortunately, no change

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I have discovered a workaround. From what I observed, the contextual “current user display name” only works in this condition if the people picker field you’re comparing it to only has one name. If the people picker field contains multiple users, it will not work. 

I put a hidden field on the form that has the contents of the people picker field as a text box. I then compare “current user display name” to this hidden text box, which contains multiple people, and the condition executes and properly displays/hides the panel as expected.