Workflow only updating the current item

  • 2 April 2024
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I have a workflow which is supposed to update 3 fields per item and for the the whole list but seems to just update the C

urrent item. the query list action is on all list items and is essentailly building a collection:

I then use a ForEach so cycle through the collection and updating as it goes:

is there something I’ve missed ?


2 replies

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Hey Julian,


If your QueryList is just returning the IDs of the items to update then you could change the output parameters to generate a collection of IDs like this:


That will save you having to parse the output later on.


The other thing that I’d look at is your update list item action.  How come you have three of them in your workflow?  You can use one action to update 3 columns at once and double check that you’ve changed the target list in that action from “Current Item” to the name of the list that you’re trying to update.




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Hi @julesnye 
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