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Export a List to Excel

I have a List that grows by 300 items a day. Thus, I have an archive process in place to purge the items every 3 days. The challenge now is the manager wants to view the past 6 months of data for metr...

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Workflow History List Basics

I recently was told1-When a Workflow is moved from UAT to Prod that to remove the Workflow History List logging, but when I check the setup of my Workflow I see no choice other than to select a Workfl...

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How do I remove all characters after /

Within a Regular Expressions I would like to remove everything after the last /Current Statewww.mynuptials/confidential/do not read.docxDesired Statewww.mynuptials/confidentialI am trying to dynamical...

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Pause For gives an error

Per thisMarian Hatalapost (thx Marian Hatala‌) I put in a Pause at the top of my WF and I also put in a Commit and Pause (1 min) after every 50 transactions (Create New Item) within a For Each. For so...

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WF that Fails to Start - How to avoid duplicates

I have a WF that creates ("Create New Item") about 400 items nightly to a List. The WF runs nightly from the Nintex scheduler. Occasionally I get an error that says "Failed to Start". The problems is ...

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