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What is the difference between "State Machine...

I am new to Nintex and my company directed me to take all the available training, but my focus will be using Nintex with SharePoint. The SharePoint t...

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Custom includes not updating after edits

I have a JS custom include in my form located in the SharePoint SiteAssets library. After I made some edits to the code and saved it, form preview i...

  • By MarkX
  • February 06, 2019  13:02
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An embedded page at says unde...

I'm having an issue with Nintex Workflow. I add a "Start a Task process" action and when I click on edit task form I get an error after clicking...

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Initiators not receiving emails from Workflows

I have created two different work flows, for two different departments, to fulfill a similar need. I am running into an issue, where the initi...

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Dynamically get Item URL in a workflow in O365

Hello, I need to dynamically find the URL of a current item in a document library for use in a Web Request. The problem is that I am using ...

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