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People Picker Validation

I am developing a nintex form which has 3 radio buttons. If I click radio button 1, Option 1(People Picker) Required Option 2(Pe...

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Math Operation for more than two variables

I am trying to Add more than two variables in Nintex using the Math Operation. Is it possible to add like 3 variables at once in nintex or I shou...

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Attachment URL from a list item to task item(Appro...

I am trying to get the attachment url from a list item to a assign flexi task item(task form). I cannot use Call web services as my organization...

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Participating In

Making a People Field Required When an Option Fiel...

Hello, I am building a form within my workflow and using radio buttons in the outcome field of the flexi-task. The question I have is whe...

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Need Help with Approver Comments showing up in e-m...

I have a Flexi task that gives a reviewer the option to "Approve" or send back with "Comments to be addressed". It allows the reviewer to fill in...

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  • August 22, 2014  08:18
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