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List (multiple-selection) display length

Hello, I am trying to display a list of options around 170 entries long. To do this, List (multiple-selection) seems to be the best option fo...

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Formating Calculated Value Fields

Hello, I am using calculated value field in an effort to produce a form in two languages, English and French. I have a table with fields for ...

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Retrieving the user who submitted a form

I am stuck with an issue that combines both Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow. I have a section of a form with a submit button. I would like t...

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loading Approvers from a list, based on 2 variable...

Hello everyone! I am creating an approval form where the approvers will need to be loaded from a list or set of lists based on 2 pieces of infor...

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How can I display the Help Text (Column Descriptio...

I noticed that every sharepoint column description is automatically filled in to the "help text" property. Our customer now would like to Show th...

  • By marcol
  • September 02, 2014  06:02
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nintex forms 2013 resize at runtime not working

hi there I have a form which contains rules to hide/show panels when a radio button/dropdown is/not equals to something My issue here is wh...

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