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List (multiple-selection) display length

Hello,I am trying to display a list of options around 170 entries long.To do this, List (multiple-selection) seems to be the best option for me.However, it seems like the control refuses to display mo...

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Formating Calculated Value Fields

Hello,I am using calculated value field in an effort to produce a form in two languages, English and French.I have a table with fields for both languages and the form loads in the data correctly.I am ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Retrieving the user who submitted a form

I am stuck with an issue that combines both Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow.I have a section of a form with a submit button.I would like to save the user who clicked the submit button in a "People or...

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loading Approvers from a list, based on 2 variables

Hello everyone!I am creating an approval form where the approvers will need to be loaded from a list or set of lists based on 2 pieces of information, Department and Region.The method I'm currently us...

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How can I display the Help Text (Column Description) in a NIntex Forms field (e.g. ca

I noticed that every sharepoint column description is automatically filled in to the "help text" property. Our customer now would like to Show this below the Input control as they are used to have it ...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by marcol
  • | September 02, 2014 06:02
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nintex forms 2013 resize at runtime not working

hi thereI have a form which contains rules to hide/show panels when a radio button/dropdown is/not equals to somethingMy issue here is when a panel is hidden it leave a large empty space and the panel...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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