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Lazy approval comments

Hi, We to extract comments from the Lazy approval response emails. Any pointers?

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Query Multiple Libraries to get files based on met...

Hi, i have 10 libraries to query and get files with status -ready to move and copy these files to 2nd lib. so far i have done queering one lib, f...

  • By roseka
  • June 20, 2018  08:17
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Problem with loop configuration

Hello everybody, I have a strange problem. When I try to configure loop on nintex I only see white screen. On attachment is screen with vie...

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Assign Flexi Task Issue/Query

In my workplace we have an award nomination scheme where 6 senior managers need to all agree for an individual to be given an award. I have cr...

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Help with Reminder WorkFlow

Hi everyone, I'm currently doing a reminder workflow on a list which will send an email to the people in charge how many days are left. My con...

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Do I need Nintex forms to utilize Nintex Workflows...

Hello, I am working in a SharePoint 2013 online environment. I am trying to create a document approval workflow in a document library. We do...

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