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How to find the list your workflow belongs to (fro...

I have a test site with tons of workflows If I’m looking at the Workflow Health screen, how do I tell which list the workflow belongs to? F...

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lazy approval O365 guide

Where is the Lazy Approval Guide for O365?

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Error with 'Create item in another site' a...

This describes a bug found in this 2010 Nintex Workflow action: Create item in another site . (No worries: This has been reported to support) ...

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How to Create Workflow History Lists from a Nintex...

The Workflow History List is a particular type of list in SharePoint. In terms of structure and functionalities, it is a normal list in SharePoin...

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May Mission - Quick Top Tip!

Following on from the success of January 2017 Mission ‌ "What is your Nintex New Years Resolution", which was all about what bad habits you have...

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What is the best way of comparing two dates in a w...

What is the best way of comparing two dates in a workflow? I have the following use case: I have two date/time variables, Ship1 and Ship2 and...

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