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Permissions to start workflow - irregular behavior...

Lately I've been noticing inconsistencies when it comes to being able to start workflows or not. I've got one case where a user should be able...

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Filtering a list from inside an item in the same l...

Hey all, after browsing a bit, I couldn't find the answer, but I have no idea how to look for this. (update: I've found a few topics getting clo...

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removing special tokens from a string

This may be a very simple question, but I couldn't figure it out on my own. I stumbled upon this when comparing a string to individual collec...

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Workflows not starting after 'create new item&...

Before anyone starts linking me to other threads, I'm aware of Creating an item programatically won't start a Nintex Workflow and Workflow no...

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WF bulk publish issues with in-line funtions in &#...

I've got something strange going on. I’m not sure if anyone is going to be able to help me, but I might as well try. This is what I have i...

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Looking to create a workflow to send email based ...

Hello, I am fairly new to Nintex, and need to create a workflow to send email based on date from calculated column. Currently there is a ...

  • By paulg
  • September 25, 2017  09:31
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How to check for an empty date field?

Hi, I have a requirement where I need to check for an empty date field. I do not see a direct way of doing this. One idea I have is to create ...

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Conditional Logic

I have a SharePoint (2013) list. I want to create a Nintex workflow (2013) that if the Status column changes to 'Closed' from any other status, t...

  • By burkslm
  • October 31, 2016  08:07
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CSS styles are not working properly in Nintex work...

Hello Everyone, CSS Styles are not working properly using build string in Nintex workflow. The same code works fine and looks good in a norm...

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How can you create collection to loop through base...

I am trying to take a values from a multi-select checkbox and store in a collection so I can loop through them. I was wondering if I could use a...

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  • April 07, 2016  13:52
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