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Default 'Assigned to' in case of 'blan...

Hi, I want to handle error whenever workflow ends abruptly due to 'assigned to resulted in a blank text'. I need a default person who will b...

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Failed to Publish Workflow

So this happened My workflow is pretty big with a main stateflow (6branches) and a child stateflow( 2 branches). doesn't show any error wh...

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Move Attacments from WF Task item to Current List ...

Hello again, I've been making good progress with our Issue Tracking system. The place I'm stuck now is with moving attachments from Task Item to...

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List Lookup in WF task form, containing people, fo...

Hi, So I'm stuck with a problem for couple of days now. I want list of people to be displayed in 'list lookup' control in task form and for...

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How to refer 'Current item' and item in wo...

Hi, I need a workflow that can take run multiple times on a same item and updates field in current item based on the instantaneous input by u...

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