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How to use the complete workflow task?

I am trying to set up a workflow that includes a task assignment to a director. The requirements are that the director simply be able to check o...

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How to get the Nintex Initiate Workflow form to op...

We have a library that uses Nintex workflows (2016 on prem) to query a SQL database and update certain columns in the library. Sometimes, data c...

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Copy to SharePoint in Nintex 2016

We are trying to upgrade SharePoint and Nintex to 2016. I am testing a workflow that works as expected in the current version (2013) but does no...

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Nintex 2013 workflow error with Send Notification

We have a SharePoint 2013 / Nintex Workflow 2013 workflow that we have been using for over a year. There are several steps where we send notific...

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Is there a way to change the status of a completed...

An automatic workflow was accidently set off by a user who didn't understand how the process would work. Is it possible to either change the Com...

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After installing .NET security patches to address ...

I came across this issue on a few environments lately where ALL workflows in a farm on premise stopped working. Or more specifically, all workflo...

  • By andrewg
  • September 19, 2018  10:55
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I have a nintex workflow that is used across multi...

I have a nintex workflow that is used across multiple sites that when a new item is created in a list of one of the subsites it creates a new ite...

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Task notification doesn't change after being m...

I have a workflow with an approval task with a notification (email). I change the body of the message in designer, publish the workflow, and try...

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