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Re-name .jpg image in SharePoint document library

I would like to build a simple workflow that re-names a .jpg image in a separate SharePoint document library. I have 10 images in the document...

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Display 'assigned to' in list view

Apologies if this isn't strictly a Nintex issue: I would like to display the 'Assigned To' field (from the 'Workflow Tasks' list in SharePoint...

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When workflow for one item completes, it starts fo...

I have a list with with a workflow attached. The workflow has about 5 to 6 'approval' levels in it, so it's fairly complex (for me anyway). Th...

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Item running through old deleted workflow

I have a SharePoint list that has been removed and re-installed a few times. As such, I've had to re-name the workflow attached to it each time. ...

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E-Mail InfoPath form in Nintex Workflow

I have created a newsletter in InfoPath, attached to a list and an associated workflow. I would like the workflow to e-mail the InfoPath form ...

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