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Detect current Language, retrieve LCID of current ...

Hello, i have the requirement to retrieve the Language Local ID (LCID) of the current User in a NINTEX Workflow-Variable to trigger the la...

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new responsive designer and attachments

Hi I'm using the New responsive designer and want to get the attachments out of a form and send them to a document library. Normally I query Fo...

  • By harfmt
  • August 20, 2020  23:46
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Group of fields read only in New Responsive Design...

Is there a way we can make group of fields read only in new responsive designer form for SharePoint Online. In classic, we have a panel and we can se...

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Is it possible to hide the delete ribbon button on...

I know we can use CSS on Classic Forms. But not having this is a problem for the responsive forms.

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Getting disconnected data from your Nintex Form in...

Sometimes we have disconnected data in our form that we do not require in the underlying list, but may need as part of our workflow process. In ...

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Running Workflows get error after migrating

Hi, We are gonna move our SharePoint and Nintex on a new server and will restore both SharePoint and Nintex content databases in new location. A...

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