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Use the value of lookup field in the e-mail

I have a lookup column in the list where the workflow is running. I would like to display the value of this field in the e-mail sent to the initiati...

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Confirmation Message appears before validation com...

I am converting InfoPath forms to Nintex Forms. My customer liked the confirmation pop-up on submission in InfoPath, so I enabled the confirmatio...

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Can you hide a Nintex form field, but still use it...

I noticed something odd...You can make form fields, such as a Calculated Value, "Visible - Yes/No", but if you make it "No" then you can no longe...

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Created item date value increased with two hours

Hi, I have an issue and it seems I can't find a general solution. I need to report some timestamps regarding Workflow Tasks for specific workfl...

  • By rszabo
  • May 24, 2016  06:54
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