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How to validate the textbox in nintex form for not...

Hello everyone, I'm facing a problem with validating the textbox in nintex form to not accepting spaces as a value. I want the text box ac...

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I need help to make a JavaScript code that creates...

Hello everyone, So I had a task the manager gave me last week and I need to do it in nintex workflow, witch is updates a word document and th...

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How to make the workflow printing the updated docu...

Hello everyone, I have a question in nintex workflow, I did an updated document workflow for a service, but I want the workflow prints the u...

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Problem in Assign task to multiple users in nintex...

Hello everyone, I have a problem in my workflow to assign task to multiple users, What I need is if one of the users approved for the task, t...

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How to prevent user from creating a new item

Hello guys, I'm working on a Suggestions & Complain service. In the complain service, I need each user to submit only one complain...

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