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I have what may be a stupid question!!

We are running Nintex workflows on our 2013 farm....we also have Project Web App 2013 that has Nintex installed BUT not the PWA Nintex workflows....

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Remove user from SharePoint group

I have a Nintex workflow set on a "Employee Directory" custom list that adds a user to a specific SharePoint group when a new employee is added t...

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Hide NoReply in Workflow email

I know its not possible to remove the NoReply*** in a Nintex workflow email but is it possible to hide it?

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Emailing document library from a list workflow

I have a SharePoint 2013 list with some custom templates built into a Nintex form that we use for Staff Announcements and Newsletters. I created...

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HELP with Nintex form insert reference iFrame

HELP!! I have recently started using Nintex forms in our SP 2013 environment and I LOVE them. However, I have ran into an issue and cannot seem ...

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Finding duplicates in a List through Nintex

Hi I have a SharePoint list with a Nintex workflow which tests a number of conditions. I want to test whether the new item or the edited item...

  • By voicer
  • June 27, 2017  01:13
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