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Approval Workflowstatus shared as mail attachement...

Hi Community, have some trouble with a workflow migrated from on prem to Nintex for O365. Talking about a complex approval workflow with many ste...

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Migration from Sharepoint / Nintex 2010 to Nintex ...

Hi, we use Sharepoint / Nintex 2010 Workflow. We plan a migration to the Cloud. Actually we stay in front of the decission between Nintex for Off...

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Update Approval from IT for Workflows

Plan to give Power Users the ability to create their own workflows or forms, but for governance (law or data protection) reason it like to implement ...

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Used Features of nintex Workflow

For migration purpose (Sharepoint 2010 Nintex Workflows / Forms) i would analyse the used features in multiple workflows. As far as known not all fea...

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Install, Update and Use K2 together with Sharepoin...

Hi, please tell me which (and where) kind of binaries and other things (IIS Pools eg) are installed on Sharepoint Servers if i use K2 together with S...

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On Premise Nintex with SharePoint migration to NWC...

We are evaluating the migration path for On-Premise Nintex workflow plugin with SharePoint 2016 to Nintex Workflow for Cloud (SaaS platform, without ...

  • By Fuzail
  • September 29, 2019  10:24
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Save as is not showing for workflows

Hi, I have created a workflow and I am the admin for that workflow. I am not getting Save As option for that workflow. It is showing greyed out. ...

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