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Adding sharepoint fields to form based task

Hi everyone When creating a form based task in NWC, I want to add additional fields from the SharePoint online list that the user can change/ed...

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Nintex form rules based on Person who created item...

I would like to create a rule for a control to be visible based on the person who created the item. ie if the person who created the item is Person A...

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Required field validation

Hi everyone I am trying to set a field (Budget) as required when there is data in another field (Description) in the form. The field that I want to...

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Start event configuration disabled

Hi everyone How do I change my Start Event to something different, when it says "configuration is disabled due to one or more variables being use"?...

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Table Formatting or using the same tab indent for ...

Hi everyone I would like to know how I can improve the formatting in an e-mail generated by Nintex Workflow. Here is what my e-mail looks like:...

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Remove the time field from the send notification e...

Hi, i have a very basic form in which when a user submits a request they need to get a confirmation email that "your request has been submitte...

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  • February 19, 2015  16:38
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