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How to send 1 email to multiple owners on a ShareP...

I need to send one email to all the document owners on a document library. Is this possible? I do not know how to do this. Can someone please help an...

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How to add a link to a document on Site Level

Hello, I'm using Nintex for SharePoint 2016. I currently created an email notification workflow on the site level vs. the library level so I can sch...

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Identify undeliverable emails

I created a workflow to send an email notification. What happens if the person receiving the email is no longer with the company. Is there a way t...

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Export a list to excel and send as attachment in e...

Hello, I'm using Nintex for SharePoint 2016 to create a workflow to automatically send an email weekly to a group of people if certain field are set...

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Reoccurring email

Hello, I'm looking to send an email 2x per year on Jan 15th and July 15th, following a reminder email 15 days after if the task is not completed. Thi...

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