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In Workflow, Check if User is in a specific group

I have an email step that I am going to be putting the name and email of the person assigned to the task. I have the info of the person who opens the...

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K2 V5 Google Chrome

We can no longer use Google Chrome to access the K2 pages in our organization. ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS error. We have .Net 4.8 installed, we have ...

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Client can choose a Custom Theme

Hi everyone, I created 2 custom themes, one dark and another white. The default one is the white/light version, however, I have many users that lik...

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Row count function on ListView

Hi, I created ListView not editable with the pagination in K2 Five , I like to have a row count. I was using the function count but it's count only...

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Error codes

Is there somewhere (either on here or within the database) that you can see a full list of error codes and what they relate to. For example: ...

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