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How to set user/password to read emails for LazyAp...

Hi, I am trying to setup LazyApproval and confused about one thing. When I go to Central Admin I can enable LazyApproval and there it is asking ...

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Why Request Data task doesn't move to next sta...

I am using Request Data task in a Nintex 2016 workflow in SharePoint 2016 on-premise. I have attached custom content type to it and also added o...

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How to create custom form for workflow tasks

Hi, Please tell me how can I assign my own custom task form to a Nintex workflow? I tried using "Flexi Task" and there is "Edit Form" button o...

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Which license to install on server which is both p...

I have got a SharePoint farm which is both production and development i.e. we are developing workflows on it and it will also serve as a producti...

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Does Nintex Hybrid allows development for both Off...

If I have Nintex Hybrid license, does it mean I can develop workflows for both Office365 and on-premises SharePoint 2016 environments?

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