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K2 5.4 Upgrade fail at K2 Server update.

Hello guys, I need some help as I just ran into error while upgrading my K2 5.0 to K2 5.4. I had the dreaded 'a blocking error has occurred and s...

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How to create a portal for external users to actio...

How to create a portal for external users to action tasks and attach document. Without been part of the AD

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Could not Load file or Assembly Services.Oracle ve...

Why do i get this when i try to use a Stored procedure from Oracle Database? I keep getting this Error, I am wondering why this is so. I ...

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Message : Error issuing app only token; ServiceNam...

I am getting this Error as regards to Processes on K2 which uses the sharepoint, online sharepoint library, does this have to do with the online shar...

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Edit smart object data type

How do i change smartobject data type

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Missing Reference at SmartObjectField: error: Item...

Workflow error, I cannot deploy. Missing Reference at SmartObjectField: error: Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'Status' key adde...

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Unable to delete the workflow from a process in K2...

So I am trying to delete a workflow in K2 five and it will not go away. I have deleted all references to it and I have deleted all instances in works...

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