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Missing label text, control menu

Hi, I have a form and one of the labels has lost it's text. The text appears in the design view and when using the for normally, but when I click on the label control in designer, I see this, the labe...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by robeadie
  • | August 07, 2019 01:55
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Using a person or group field to set permissions

Hi,I'm trying to use a person or group field that allows multiple values with a workflow to set a document's permissions based on the names in the person or group field. How do I get aset item permiss...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by robeadie
  • | May 25, 2018 09:39
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  • Replies 7

Nintex Workflow form query

Hi,Does anyone know how to hide the workflow name and current document that appears, (highlighted in redbelow)at the top of a workflow form? I've discovered I need to add some CSS rules:#ms-pageDescri...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by robeadie
  • | February 15, 2017 01:53
  • Views 1170
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Word count validation for multiline textbox?

In my form at least 20 words should be used to describe the reason for a request. I can't use a regex for a multine textbox, so I have googled for some javascript and found this great post by @Dan Sto...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by yvette
  • | March 07, 2017 06:11
  • Views 3243
  • Replies 7

Minimum permissions to publish or start a workflow

As it has been asked andinstead of sharing the slides of my session "Managing permissions whena workflow is executing"from Nintex InspireX 2017, I think that it's more useful to create a blog post Min...

In Community Blogs
  • Posted by cju
  • | March 06, 2017 06:15
  • Views 11778
  • Replies 7

Store Data and Retrieve Data Workflow Actions

For both actions, the Store Data and Retrieve Data, you need to tell them which workflow instance to use. Every time a workflow runs, it is given an instance ID. If you were to run a workflow, navigat...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | June 23, 2014 20:54
  • Views 10890
  • Replies 5

Adding a hyperlink to your Nintex Form

You may find while designing your Nintex Form, that you need to include a hyperlink to another location. I'm going to show you how you can add a hyperlink to a label control. It's very similar to addi...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | May 19, 2014 20:48
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