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Read Values from Repeating Section in the form.

Hi, Have a query about repeating section in New Responsive Designer for Office 365. Is it possible to read a value in a particular row outside th...

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Set a value in a lookup field

Hi, We are using Nintex Forms New Responsive Designer for Office 365. We are using many lookup fields in the form. Had two questions regarding look...

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Workflow trigger only on Submit Button and not on ...

Hi, This is a query related to New Responsive Designer in SharePoint. We have both 'Save and Continue' and 'Submit' buttons enabled in the form. We...

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Retrieving Count of items from a list

Hi, Looking for a solution for the problem below. The use case Example: We have a list named grocery as per following table str...

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Count number of days per month based on a start da...

Hi Guys, This is a question regarding New Responsive Forms for SharePoint. In the form I have start date and end date fields. Also have fields ...

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