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Nintex Web Service Call Action Response is Always ...

I am calling a web service action in Nintex workflow, I am saving the response in a text variable and writing it into the history list but it is alwa...

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Copy File from a Different Site Collection or Farm...

I have a list in the destination site collection. when I change am item, I have to copy a file from a different farm into a document library which is...

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Upload a DOCX file using REST

I am trying to upload DOCX and a pdf file into a document library. I have a valid stream and If I use SOAP action in Nintex workflow, I Can success...

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Upload XML Document into a Document Library

Hi I am trying to upload an XML document into a document library in SharePoint 2013 on prem, I am reading XML content from a list and uploading...

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Add attachment to list from document library

Hello I have a library that type of documents is ".pdf",after creation of each document, I want to create an item in the list ,and attach document...

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Query XML count zero

Hi, I've a Web Request which gets data from SharePoint using GET method and I've stored the XML response in a variable called " ResponseContent ...

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Add list item attachment using Nintex Workflow for...

How do I add an attachment to a new list item using Nintex workflow? I tried using Web Request action to "Put" in content on following URL: {...

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  • December 09, 2015  12:54
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