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Copying SharePoint list to Task List based on Acti...

I think this might be a simple task and maybe over thinking it. Please review. I am trying to take a SharePoint "Project Intake list: workf...

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State Machine and Assign Flexi Task incomplete

I am working on a workflow that includes the clients Nintex Forms. Unfortunately it is not going to the other branches in the State Machine. Not sure...

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Send Outlook Emails from SharePoint list (filters)...

Unfortunately I was not able to find anything similar to this one and our company doesn’t have PowerApps configured so trying it from a Nintex perspe...

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Approval Process - End other parallel Flexi Tasks,...

I have an approval workflow that contains a set of parallel Flexi tasks that runs 4 separate Review & approval processes in tandem. Each separate...

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Calculate Date is showing time stamp in Flexi Task...

Does anyone know what would be causing the timestamp to show in the email still when I didn't select show include time under the ACTION: Calculate Da...

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Send Notification Table Gird Lines

Hi, I have added a table in the email body in Send Notification workflow action. Then, I select "Show Grid Lines" and select one of the table s...

  • By emilytan
  • September 20, 2017  16:52
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Switch vs. Set Condition vs. State machine

Hello Everyone, I am looking for some input from the community on the following question - Switch vs. Set Condition vs. State machine, what wo...

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