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"Web Part Maintenance Page" Error

Hello, I have been recieving the attached error recently. Its local to only a few people within my organization. The workflow is a travel workflo...

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Flexi Task Notification Naming Convention

Hello, My Flexi Task notifictions are coming out as a short name with some lettering in behind it. This is due to our AD (Attachment 1). I ...

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"Create new" list and Attachments

Good Morning Nintex Folks, I have two simple questions today. 1) When I created a Nintex Workflow it rightly populated the initial list...

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Workflow Status View Link

Hello, On all Flexi Task Nintex Forms there is standard approval section with 1) Outcome, Workflow Status, Attachments ect. What is the...

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Why wont my columns link?

Hello, Newly appointed SharePoint guy for my organization here. I have a very simple question that I am hoping someone can help me with. I ...

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