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Run If item field is modified help

Hi guys, I am planning to combine my list workflows, I want a specific thing to happen when the item's field is modified But since I'm...

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Set Field Value Help

Hi guys, I am having trouble setting field value. I am trying to set the I have 2 columns. 1 .Responsible Persons and 2. Responsible Persons Mana...

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How to lookup data from another list

Hi guys I'm doing my first form on InfoPath. I want to be able to have a drop down box to choose items from another list. How will I be able to d...

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How do I do a lazy approval workflow?

Hello everybody, I want to do a lazy approval list workflow to request for an item using a form. How do I go about doing it? I have not created t...

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Help with Reminder WorkFlow

Hi everyone, I'm currently doing a reminder workflow on a list which will send an email to the people in charge how many days are left. My con...

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