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How to get Managed Metadata field with lookup func...

I've tried to get the Multiple Managed Metadata field with lookup function in Nintex Forms. However, it returned [[object Object]] How can ...

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Start when items are modified and Date is not null...

How to set a condition to start workflow when items are modified and a date is not null? As I've worked-around, there was no way to set the date ...

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Passing Managed Metadata from Nintex Forms to Nint...

I am looking for a way to pass the value of Managed Metadata field from Nintex Forms to Nintex Workflow. As I've tried, it worked well with "Sing...

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Display the text value of radio/choice control

I have a choice control (radio button) and save button. What I wanted to do is to display the text of the selected radio button in the alert Bu...

  • By jleones
  • January 29, 2018  03:59
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Nintex Workflow - Set a lookup column to null

I have a scenario where I want to set a lookup column to null from the workflow, as if the value was never selected. Something equivalent to t...

  • By omourad
  • August 16, 2016  08:38
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How can I pass the form variable to workflow?

Whenever the form get loaded on device, what is the best way to do some calculations (in my case, date time calculations) within the form, assign...

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  • November 29, 2015  23:44
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