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File versioning?

Hello! Has anyone been able to handle versioning within Drawloop? For example,if I run a DDP on a Case, and then run it again later, could I have Drawloop save the second DDP as a new version of the f...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Posted by csims
  • | May 02, 2019 14:25
  • Views 381
  • Replies 3

Docgen Error due to rich text field

I am getting an data invalid error due to my rich text field for some records and few records are working fine whenever I am running my docgen package through docgen button present in object layout. B...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Posted by Nav185
  • | April 09, 2019 02:52
  • Views 874
  • Replies 12

Translate a numeric value into a checked box in a Word template?

Hi, I have a roll-up summary field on a Contracts object, that counts additional Sites who would be taking advantage of a Contract's pricing. The contract form I'm populating represents this as a chec...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Views 474
  • Replies 2

Issue while sending an Email [Auto Send] from DocGen package.

I'm facing the issue when sending the email from Drawloop. I have selected the delivery option Email and checkedthe checkbox Auto-Send. When I'm sending an email it's giving me an error.Please help me...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Posted by SidCA
  • | April 10, 2019 00:23
  • Views 381
  • Replies 1

Drawloop --> DDP Details --> Advanced (section) --> Data Field (filter)

Hello,I was wondering if there is a way to do multiple filers on a document for drawloop. For example,Section is = "Included if"Data Field = <<A>> <<B>>"contains"Value = "Field...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | July 06, 2016 09:08
  • Views 1421
  • Replies 4

Conditional text across multiple opportunity plans

I created an IF statement in Word to return the price of a specific plan, but I can't get it to return the correct info. In testing the formaula to understand why it wasn't working, I tried a simple s...

In Nintex for Salesforce
  • Posted by Jen
  • | February 08, 2019 11:07
  • Views 681
  • Replies 4