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Copy Nintex form's file attachments to network folder

I have a Nintex form that requires a file attachment. I need to move the attachment(s) to a network share. It will then be processed by a vendor solution that we use. Moving it to a SharePoint documen...

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Required field validators are not behaving consistently across the form's controls

I have read several posts in this forum about form validation rules not behaving correctly. I can't figure out if my problem is with custom form rules or JavaScript or what. I have removed everything ...

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Troubles connecting text field populated by JavaScript to list column

I have a textbox that is populated by a Javascript function. I want to connect that textbox to a column in my list and keep coming up blank. I've tinkered with the datatype in my list column (right no...

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Update Item workflow step and "Select fields to update"

I am debugging a workflow and the Update Item stepperpetually shows "Select fields to update" when I configure that step. I select the correct field, save, close, reopen and it says "Select fields to ...

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Set textbox value on Is Edit Mode

When a form is in edit mode, I would like to set the value of one of my fields (a text box). This does not error out, but it doesn't update the field either. What would be a better way of accomplishin...

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Repeating section: Getting values from new row at runtime

I have a repeating section that is bound to a list column (multi line, plain text). I parse the XML at runtime and am able to use the repeating section values in a workflow.What I'm wanting to do is p...

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Call SQL Job and pass parameters via Nintex workflow

Hello - I have a workflow with an Execute SQL statement. I want to use it to call a SQL job that calls a stored procedure with parameters. I can't figure out if it's possible, let alone the syntax.Sid...

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If statement with && in the first argument

Ihave a calculated value control. For its formula, I want to evaluate a couple values on the form. For the thelogical_test argument (first part of Ifstatement), I have tried the following, and I can't...

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Javascript to check a checkbox on a button click

I am trying to programmatically change the value of a Yes/No column from its default of No to Yes when the user clicks a button. I am missing one piece and I'm not sure what. Appreciate any advice.Che...

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Multiple Choice field validation

I have a choice field (Incentives) that is formatted as a multi select checkbox. If the userincludes T-shirt in their one or more selections, then I want to require a selection for T-shirt Size. I am ...

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Date/Time field - I need only the time

I have a form with a date/time field (Event Date). The user will enter both the date and time. I also have two other date/time fieldson my form where I need only the time (Delivery Time, Removal Time)...

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Workflow: Creating Item in different list works (mostly) fine for required fields but

I have a workflow with a Create Item step that creates a new list item in a different list of my SharePoint site. The Create Item settings (screen shot below) automatically lists the required fields i...

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How to suppress a validation rule for a specific SharePoint group?

I have validation rules for the date fields on my Nintex form. For example, I have one rule that requires the user to enter a future date. Later on down the road, an administrative user goes in and ed...

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Can I store an image in a repeating section?

I am building a Nintex form that will have two panels - customer info and a (possibly) repeating section for equipment item/details. There is one customer per one or more equipment items. The user wil...

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Open a list item in Edit mode

Hello. I'm looking for a way to manually put a list item in Edit mode.I have a Nintex form that allows User A to submit an item to the Requests list. This list has a Processedcolumn that defaults to N...

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Printing List Items

I am creating a SharePoint 2013/Nintex form that will replace an old form. My quandary is that I need to provide a simple way to print list items (simple for the users, that is ). I keep runni...

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Show a panel based on conditions I'm checking in the form's Custom JavaScript

Hello. I am using the form's Custom JavaScript section to check the date/time (we have a service at my hospital that is available certain days/times). I have that js working fine and I end up with a t...

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