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Remove user group from SharePoint Site - UDA

This UDA will allow you to remove a specific user group from your SharePoint site.

AuthorVadim Tabakman
Long Description

Sometimes you need to automate the process of removing a user group from a site and this UDA can enable that.  Wrap the group removal process around compliance or site approvals for project sites.


For now, I have only made 4 fairly simple UDA's. There's one thing that all these UDA's have in common, and that is, they use a Nintex Workflow Constant named "Admin Credentials". If you want to have a different credential, then feel free to update the UDA's.

Support Info

Vadim Tabakman - Nintex Workflow 2010 - SharePoint User Group UDAs - Vadim Tabakman


Nintex Workflow 2010


SharePoint Server 2010


Additional Information

Once you have these UDA's, you can go to Manage User Defined Actions in Nintex Workflow 2010 and import them in. Make sure you have the "Admin Credentials" constant, otherwise this won't work at all.

When you have them imported and published, in the Nintex Workflow designer, you'll see this:

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