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Multi page form triggering an evaluation and scoring process

Hi guys,

I would like to share my newest form with all of you guys but I apologize for the blurring on the screenshots.

A form was created to screen NDA's. For the screening a checklist is presented to the one reporting. When the checklist has been completed a Nintex workflow will be triggered that will score and evaluate the answers provided on the form. Based on the outcome certain actions will happen (or won't happen).

What's in the form?

  • Multi paging
  • Validation rules evaluating certain fields as well as making sure that it is not possible to proceed to the next step in the form in case not all fields are filled in correctly
  • Formatting rules to show/hide/disable certain options/fields in certain cases.
  • ...

Why is the scoring mechanism in the workflow and not in the form?

  • The users that should fill out the form should only be notified about the end result of their submission. Therefore the choice was made not to do calculations in the form itself showing immediate results of the screening. On the other hand the department that will get notified about the screening will receive an E-mail with an overview of all questions as well as the calculated scores to they are able to reconsider the screening if necessary.
  • I tried to avoid creating a superduper heavy load slow form (using audiencing it would have been possible to only show the scores to certain users).
  • "Processes" are better of in the workflow, right? :-)

A few screenshots:



Thanks for reading!


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