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May Mission - Site Provisioning Workflow Start Form

Yes it is true, creating a site takes all of 5 minutes, but giving that power to your users allows them to feel a part of the process and not just a "requester".

We created a site provisioning workflow because of the volume of IT project sites and the different site templates that they wanted to use. I also then wrapped in some SharePoint user groups upon creation to set them up with the basics. The groups allow for owners, members, and visitors (full, contribute, read) and gets them up and running ASAP. So lets take a dive into the form.

The form is straightforward - asks for the site name, description, owner, parent site, URL, and what template they want.

Once submitted the workflow kicks off and the form is sent off for approval. If approved, it creates the site, user groups, assigns ownership and then notification to the requester. If denied, they get a reason why, and the request and workflow are terminated.


I discovered shortly after deploying this that it lacked validations. I added in some simplistic JS buttons on the task approval form to check for duplicate sites and the parent site URL is accurate. I also had to check to see of the user groups already existed and if so, skip over the piece that applies them to the site. I send our team a notification stating that the group(s) already exist so that we can see if we can use them or have to create new ones.

Next Steps

I would like to add more intelligence to the form to correct the special characters, but I have not had many issues We are currently looking at a site decommissioning workflow that checks usage. If there is no activity on a site for X days/months we send out a notification to the owner and see if it is needed anymore. If it is not, we remove it.  As things move forward and new templates arise, I can always add them to the form and add that branch of logic to my workflow easily.

Until next time!

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