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Error "One or both Username or Password are invalid" Sending Document via DocuSign

When sending a document via DocuSign, the following error occurs:

One or both Username or Password are invalid
Review the following configuration settings:
  • Navigate to DDP Admin and confirm the Third Party Integration exists along with the environment and Account ID.
  • Navigate to DocuSignAccountConfiguration (it might be necessary to create the tab for this object) and make sure the Account ID matches the DocuSign environment. This Account ID is also used when integrating on Drawloop Admin > Third Party Integrations and on the DocuSign Admin tab.
  • If Send On Behalf Of is used, confirm the Send On Behalf Of credentials stored on DocuSignAccountConfiguration are valid. Additionally, the running user will need to only have the DSProSFUsername field filled in on their User Page and confirm that the User has access to the object + fields.
  • If Send On Behalf Of is not used, verify the user has the DSProSFUsername and DSProSFPassword fields filled in on the User page and has access to these fields.
  • Confirm that the DocuSign user is Active. This can be checked by navigating to > Preferences > Users.
  • Note: DSProSFUsername will be the API Username field found in DocuSign.
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