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Nintex Newbie

o365 Nintex Workflow >> Task List >> Query List Action not Working

Hi All,

I have Implement the Request Data kind Functionality in Online by Using the Assgin Task.

1. Create a One Content Type by Parent: Workflow Task (SharePoint 2013) content type.

2. Create a one task List. also create a same column as List for with we have to Request data.

3. Create a Workflow with Assign Task action and used the Created content type above.

4. Edit the task Form, and use the column to take the data from from.

5. Use the Query List Action to get the value of the column that is created in Task List or taking the input from the form. in where Clause i have puted Title column of thask List (this is Unique)

6. the issue is that Query List not return any value.


Note: Same functionaliy wroking in My another Test Tenant, but not in Production tenant

          I have tried both Query List and o365 Query List Action


Some Screenshot:




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Nintex Newbie

Re: o365 Nintex Workflow >> Task List >> Query List Action not Working

i observed that in Query List Action, if i give a Long Title in Where clause like Title ='ABC XYZ ABC 123 ABC_ITEM_IDthen it is not filtering, if i give a like

Title contain ABC_ITEM_ID then it is Filtering,

Any Idea???

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