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nintex requirements

Question from another user: 

I am new to the community. I have a Nintex platform set up to tie into our corporate On-premise sharepoint. I am trying to use the Nintex mobile app. When I am on the plain old internet everything works fine. When I try to use the Nintex Mobile application on a device hosted on our corporate network (firewalls / proxy) I get a cannot reach server when I try to do something like "refresh forms".

Two quick questions (hopefully).

What are the networking requirements for having the Nintex mobile app reach the Nintex live cloud?

Where on the device (if anywhere) is the client application's error log.

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Re: nintex requirements

The configuration you need is heavily dependent of your network infrastructure. I suggest you first check Nintex Live connection settings and health checks in SharePoint central Administration. Is everything lit green there?

What SharePoint Version do you use?

If you can speak to your network admins, ask them if these ressources are accessible through your infrastructure:

Ports and URLS for Live




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Re: nintex requirements

Maybe this article by Dan Stoll‌ could also be helpful:  

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Re: nintex requirements

Posted this for another user.

Thanks for the replies.

Will mark as assumed answered.

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