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Work Flow Newbie Question 2 of ???

For at least the next several months as I try to get some hands on experience with Nintex Workflow and Forms, I will always start my questions off with the obligatory apology for my asking such a simple question.  Hopefully as I learn the product, I will free up some time after I implement my solutions in my organization so I can spend some time on the forum answering newbie questions, rather than littering the site with them (like the one I pose now).

I have envisioned a scenario where an initial selection in a dead simple list, triggers subsequent workflows and related forms based on choices made.  So in an HR example, I have a site column that lists all of the different change "Forms" (really processes with specific data that applies).  So in my simple list, the user would "Add" a new item which would simply only be the selection of what "form" they were filling out.

So the user chooses from the pull down menu one of the forms, say a "New Hire".    (I am definitely more comfortable in designing the form and the related columns than I am in designing or imagining the work flow).  So my question is:

How would any of you suggest I go about starting a workflow that runs automatically ( I know where to set that) but that filters based on that initial choice?  So if "New Hire" was the value chosen from the Site Column on the initial form, I would then design a specific set of workflows and subsequent associated forms.  So the next question might be after a "New Hire" was selected and saved, the workflow would prompt if a Background Check had been completed yet or not.  If so, they could jump onto the New Hire "Form" and choose the staff from the list of available employees in the Background Check List.  (I have that in place)  If a Background check had not been completed, then they would be directed to complete a new "Background Check" form which is already in place.

Clearly another choice might be a "Promotion" or "Address Change" or "Retirement" or "Involuntary Termination".  Each of these choices would trigger a different set or work flows and forms, machine states etc.  

It's this notion of filter based off initial choice, and then relate outcome to other workflows and  or forms that I am struggling with now.  I know exactly the steps I need to take for any given process, and exactly what data to collect, what rules and validation I want to use, and am trying to design a series of related, simple little forms and workflows, rather than designing a massively complex single workflow that would be a bear to manage and troubleshoot.  I just can't seem to figure out with trial and error so far how to do this.

I truly appreciate any suggestions you can offer.  Feel free to point me towards any existing posts, sites, or links to video I have not found on my own so far.  I have had some introductory training (some time ago) and am signed up for more, but need to get some proofs of concept in front of people sooner rather than later.

Best Regards,  

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Re: Work Flow Newbie Question 2 of ???

One approach I wonder about is creating a snippet and then putting that in, but it feels like I would be building a larger workflow then, just calling several snippets but am trying to avoid the "If/Then" sprawl I hope to avoid.  Even in a snippet example though, I don't know what to do.  If the initial step was a item lookup via a Query List, I can figure out the Input source but don't' know what to do with the resulting output.  With so many ways to go about any task, I just need better understanding of options before I can make test scenarios.  Seems like I'm at the starting gate but can't get off the line. 

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Re: Work Flow Newbie Question 2 of ???

One method would be to have a workflow that starts and based off your initial form, starts the appropriate workflow for that form.  I have done something similar with multiple content types to create the different forms. 

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Re: Work Flow Newbie Question 2 of ???

Hi Tracy,

I wouldn't design it the way you have described.  i.e. have a master list that spawns off different workflows and which may or may not have additional forms collecting data appropriate to that business process.  You can do something like this with a large list and many content types but I think it would get complex really quickly.

I'd recommend creating one master list per business process.  You can still have a single page that lists all the types of activities you want to complete.  e.g. "Click here to implement an address change"  "Click here for a new hire" etc.  That link will then open the form to collect most of the data you require to kick of that particular business process.

As each business process is quite different to the other, it'll be a better design keeping the data and processes separate.  Keep in mind that workflows can initiate other workflows so if they are related, you can still manage them as they were an end-to-end business process.  Think of a new hire process.  We can build separate workflows to provision the person's telephone; set up their network account and email; order business cards.  Your master workflow can link all of these together but they also operate completely well as separate workflows.  e.g. anyone can initiate the order business card workflow when they run out.

Hope that helps.



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