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Validate the Choice when Approved or Rejeted

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We use Nintex Forms/Workflow


Trying to validate the Choice at the Approval Stage.

When manager rejects the request then the comment section must be filled.


I am trying this validation assigned to the comment, but it does not go through:


isNullOrEmpty(trim({Self})) && Decision=="Reject"



The Choise: Approve or Reject

When inspecting with F12 in Firefox the Approve is = 3 and Reject is 4


I also tried with Decision==4 or Decision!=4 but no luck.

If I use a calculatedvalue field to show the value from Decison, then it is always -1 no matter what.



Please advise, it's driving me nuts.

Yes, at the flexiTask I edited the Reject and selected "Required" dropdown option.


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Nintex Newbie

Re: Validate the Choice when Approved or Rejeted

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After endless searches and trials, I found a solution.
The comment box needs a validation with the following:


and(isNullOrEmpty({Self}), NWF$("[data-controlname='Decision'] input:checked").siblings("label").text() == "Reject")



Must say that this Forum used to be more responsive & proactive in providing help.
Now, a thread can be open for days if not for weeks before anybody replies.


What a shame... :\



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