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Update Custom Column in Task List

I have a column called "Point of Contact" (PoC) in a list and I want to update this value in a task list (also have the same column name called "PoC") when a flexi task is created.

My approach:

  1. Insert parallel action
  2. Create Flexi task and assign to PoC in branch 1
  3. In branch 2:
    1. Log history to get current value in task id variable
    2. Pause for 5 minute
    3. Update item in workflow task list where ID is equal to task id (store in w/f variable) and value is current item's PoC column
    4. Log history to get current value in task id variable

My problem

I thought waiting for 5 min, flexi task will create an item in task list and store the value in task id w/f variable, but my w/f error out at 2nd branch.

Upon checking w/f history logs, found that task id was passing default value i.e. "0".

My goal:

My goal was to use the PoC column as a record to whom the task got assigned first, in case PoC delegate the task.

I know || action will run simultaneously and it will not use the task id from flexi task. But, how to update custom column in task list if needed?


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