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Task List Alternate approvers

Is there anyway for someone other than the assigned-to person to approve a task without the task being delegated?

We have a workflow that assigns tasks.  Our users want the person that initiated the workflow to be able to approve any of the tasks in lieu of the person to whom it's assigned. 

For example, Mary D initiates a workflow that assigns a task to John F.  John does not approve and is not available to delegate, but catches Mary in the cafeteria and gives a verbal approval.  Can Mary D then approve the task?  Mary can have up to Full Control on the task list.

From what I can see on my list, Mary D can't even view the task with Full Control.


are not authorized to respond to this task.

issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.

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Date and Time: 2/22/2016 10:53:08

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Task List Alternate approvers

Hi Janet,

it is normal behaviour that only the assignee can complete the task. However, your workflow always knows who initiated it and stores this info in the "Initiator" variable in the workflow context. So you can just assign this task to John AND the initiator. Then you configure your task behaviour to "First response applies" which means both could complete the task but as soon as the first one completes it, it's gone for the other one and marked as complete.

Let us know if this could be working for you.



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