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Nintex Newbie

Start A Task Process: Formatting Initial Email Text

I am using the Start a Task Process action in my workflow. I am using Nintex O365. I am using the Responsive Form. This is the initial email that is produced from the action.. I have two questions:

1. How do I go about formatting the date and removing the time?

2. The text circled in red is the default text. Is there a way to customize that text?

Thank you.

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Start A Task Process: Formatting Initial Email Text

Sure, there are some changes you can make for both of these. And both are from the workflow setup

1. For the date, it is the due date. For this task you do not have it set. You can either set it, or in the "Initial Email Options" within the task action you can delete the text from within the message. This email is fully customizable.

2. The text at the end is from allowing Lazy Approval. Remove lazy approval for this text to not show.

Start A Task Process documentation